Pronouncing Wine Words – The Five Most Mangled

One of the most important boundaries to enjoying the whole wine enjoy is having to pronounce wine phrases. Makes me desire I’d taken high college French.

It’s bad sufficient when how to pronounce entrepreneur you’re faced with a wine list of absolutely unfamiliar names. But what approximately famous names which you’ve seen a million times? It may be downright embarrassing when you don’t know the way to pronounce them…Or think you do but do not. Here are my nominations for the 5 maximum mangled wine phrases.

Meritage. MEHR-ih-tihj. Not mehr-ee-TAHZH. I understand the confusion because I changed into once one of the stressed. Knowing the starting place of the term is a assist. First of all, it is no longer French. It’s an American invention. A institution of winemakers coined the phrase in 1988 from the words “benefit” and “background” to become aware of their wines made from  f95zone traditional Bordeaux grapes.

Riedel. Rhymes with NEEDLE. I want to drink out of it. And, reputedly, so do thousands and thousands of others. It’s simply that a number of the ones crystal fans have 60s youngster idol Bobby Rydell stuck in their heads.

Willamette. (No “i” as in William.) Rhymes with DAMNIT. Etymologists say the name originated with the Indians who lived in that part of Oregon. No one truly knows the which means of the phrase, however in recent times the valley is synonymous with Pinot Noir.

Freixenet. Fresh-ehn-EHT. I did take Spanish in high school, however it was simply sufficient to confuse me with the call of this cava. An “x” may be mentioned 4 distinctive ways. I take my cue from the people who definitely make the stuff.

Moët & Chandon. Mo-EHT ay shahn-DAWN. It’s the “t” that seems to purpose the problem right here. I’ve read countless on line discussions from self-described how many acres is a football field French experts about whether it is mo-EHT or mo-AY. Such vitriol over one little letter. I’d alternatively be sipping the Champagne than combating about it.